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An inside look at the people who work at THS National.


12 Step Trade Show Survival Guide

Brace yourself.  Spring is here and with flowers that bloom come a dizzying array of industry meetings to attend, exhibit halls to walk, booths to man, speeches to sit through, and networking events to navigate. The following is a list...


In The Know: Charleston Region

Meet Josh Larkins. THS National’s local account manager for Charleston, SC and the surrounding area. Josh has taken it upon himself to become a leader in his community by improving the quality of life for those living within apartment communities.


Supporting the GCAA

Getting involved with local apartment associations in the areas we serve is crucial to making an impact in the local community. By partnering with key groups and individuals that support the common goal of community engagement, THS National is able...


Work Place Outbreak

Turn up your speakers. Invite a friend over to your desk. This film was created as a collaborative effort from our office complex. Several workers from neighboring businesses joined in the film making after one THS National worker went door...