Impact Initiative What exactly is it?

THS National has always kept the interests of local apartment residents in mind when servicing their communites. That’s why we wanted to bring something new to the table; meaningful engagement.

We are General Contractors who serve apartment communities across the nation. You may see us around remodeling clubhouses, renovating interiors, replacing roofs or painting exteriors of buildings.

The problems of our world can only be solved by people in our communities coming together to work toward solutions. We believe social media holds the greatest potential in bringing people together from all walks of life.

We Strive to highlight leaders in the community by creating documentary films about their work and the people’s lives who are impacted by it. This encourages others to get involved.

There are over 37 million Americans who live in apartment communities across the U.S.  Working in communities has allowed us to see the good and bad of American culture.  We believe social media is a perfect platform to encourage the good.  Our hope is to accomplish this through film. 37 million could be the critical mass needed to reach the tipping point.

Won’t you join us by sharing our stories with your friends and co-workers?